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Coordinating online and traditional marketing communications has never been more important. We can help you drive and track traffic to your company website using print, email and online communications.

With our strategic partners we can design and build landing pages for specific objectives and integrate them into your existing campaign. Our goal is to work with you to develop the best solution using web and print to effectively reach your target audience with the best results


Personalized URL's (PURLs) link the power of traditional direct mail with the interactive capabilities of the internet, increasing the probability of turning direct-mail recipients into qualified prospects.

Using PURLs as part of your direct marketing strategy can:

  • Increase the quality of sales leads by reaching your ideal target in a relevant manner
  • Serve up relevant and timely content/offers
  • Profile responders, based on their preferences, insight, needs and wants
  • Provide real-time campaign results reporting

Web2Order Solutions

b+p+t Web2Order solutions offer innovative ways to bridge the gap between digital content and print production. Our web-based approach allows you to create, customize and upload, and approve content for printing all online. We then print and deliver it anywhere you need it to go.

Our Web2Order solutions are ideal for all of your frequently printed or frequently updated materials. Contact us to learn more about our customizable Web2Order solutions, and streamline your ordering processes, control your inventories and maintain brand consistency from your computer. Anytime. Anywhere.

QR Code Resources

Download the informative brochure, "Print's New Frontier - QR Codes: Bridging the Gap Between Print and the Web"

The increased adoption of mobile phones has fueled the growing popularity of QR codes throughout North America. QR codes allow mobile users to jump from printed materials to online content with just a click.

Below you will find some great resources to help you generate QR codes and download QR code readers. Of course, we can easily create QR codes for any of your print or web projects, as well. Please don't hesitate to contact us.

QR Code Articles

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Creating QR Codes

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ZXing QR Code Generator

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QR Stuff

QR Code Readers



Blackberry QR Code Scanner

2D Sense Platform (formerly iMatrix)

Kaywa Reader



Web Development

New customer demands have created a high-stakes game for loyal customers. So what does it take to get and keep customers in today's hyper-competitive marketplace?

b+p+t, with our strategic partners, brings innovative ideas and technology into the businesses of customers. We take full advantage of the web and make it work for you.